Datasheet of the Boat

Owner: Katalin II. Sétahajó és Szolgáltató Bt.
Date of built: 1996, HORANY ( Transport and Shipping reparation Company of Pest county)
Name of the boat: KATALIN II.
Original engine: Csepel Diesel, 4 cylinder engine 60 HP
Original retortion: Hafe Throw-over
II. engine: Mercedes, 3000 cm3 diesel, 5 cylinder, 100 HP
Trow-over: Sauer Hidraulika 116 bar, operating pressure
Actual engine: Volvo Penta D3-160 (2400 cm3, 160 HP, 5 cylinder, diesel, series,)
Throw-over: HS-45A/ EVC elektronic/ engine 2
Screw: 3 letters pig, with 5 cm diametral
Lenght: 12.4 m
Width: 3 m
Weight: 11 t
Draught: 5 dm - at the rudder - 9 dm
Capacity: 44 people
Ship registration number: H-22401-30
Type of floating facility: PRHV-12-PAPUCS
Injury to ship: Ø
  - In 2000, after a big storm - in the pier of Ciprus Restaurant, 3 t willow trown on the boat
  - Later in 2000, french group have driven the boat, accidently hit a jetty


Details of the Backwater and the Cruise

hajout Cruise: Death Körös Backwater of Kákafok
Lenght: 30 km
Width: 50-70 m
Depths of water: 3-4 m
Summertime temperature: 24-26 °C
Guest of the night cruise: Bighead, Amúr
Last time of jump in: 1999-08-12, Bighead