Curriculum Vitae of István Demeter

I was born in Szarvas, in 1948. My father was running a rose gardening business, my mother was a teacher. Now she is retired. I have 3 siblings. I finished my schools in Szarvas. I was 12, when I started my career in a boat modeller class. End of my elementary school I became a young member of the local MEDOSZ swimming team. After my secondary school years, I got a sport boat driving licence.CaptDemeter 6

From 1966 to 1969  have spent my soldiery in a Honved River Navigation Flottila, Budapest. I finished my course as an engine-room artifical. I had my working knowledge also in a Flottila. I started working and fortunately I almost travelled around the whole world.

From 1969 I started  my career in MAHART as an engine-room artificial. My love of my life is a water and shipping. I came home in 1972 and 3 years later I started build a speed boat, but unfortunately I have never tried. My first responsible job was working in a NARIC ( National Agriculture Research and Innovation Centre).

I got married in 1978, I have 3 daughters. My business has started in 1986. The Caterine II. Cruise company started in a Körös-Holtág with a 11 t Sightseeing Boat. Two of my daughters  also got the licence of speed boats. In 2013 my elder daughter made a captain degree.

I am 67 years old, I am retired, but still working in my boat, in a Körös, and I have already  doing this job for 30 years.