It's been a hard day …

A busy, sunny, summer afternoon. At the pier of the Botanical Garden, tourists are queuing in several lines. The temperature is soaring. On the dried out lawn some children are playing, take their T-shirts off and cover the ground with them to use as make shift picnic blankets. They are eagerly waiting for the Katalin II. boat. It's gone midday. It's late again. Their focus of vision is drifting away while anxiously rocking themselves from side to side on the hot pavement. Then all of a sudden the familiar snail house motif appears from the river; so here comes the proud „Queen of the Körös”.
A hurried disembarkation and boarding, quick ticket-sale and as the laughter triggered by the last joke is evaporating in the flora of the river bank, the next tour is off, the cameras are clicking and all on board are curiously looking around, fidgeting in their seats. The captain is bombarding his passengers with his never ending stories. The river bank is alive, heaving with relaxing locals.
All sights have their own history. Just as the boat is ready to float away from the river bend and carry on its journey towards the next stop, a nice, familiar voice is interrupting the speech of the captain.
–    Tessedik! - shouts the woman whilst pointing at the boat. - Where was Sámuel Tessedik born? - she is trying to say it as loud as possible so the captain can hear her.
Some passengers with hearing of a wolf caught the essence of the lady's question. Confused, they turn to the captain and ask who this Tessedik was and where he was born. They don't really understand. The captain turns off the engine and starts concentrating on a possibly good answer to the question.
–    The birth place of Sámuel Tessedik? - comes the interrogation again from another deck close by.
By now the passengers are eager to hear the answer and so urge the captain to say it. After a moment silence, he speaks.
–    As it happens, Sámuel Tessedik was born in Albertirsa....! - he sheepishly adds this late but most important information. With a little nod, and a cheeky smile under his moustache he graciously takes this little hiccup aboard. He then explains to the confused passengers where he made a mistake. There is great laughter and atmosphere among the floating group as the boat glides further.